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All of our professionally trained security guards and officers are experts

Please select from our wide range of areas below for your security needs

BDS Loss Prevention Officers will aid your retail establishment in formulating an effective plan to perform security and surveillance solutions. In addition to detecting and apprehending external shoplifters, our loss prevention staff can service your business by providing cover officers or covert camera systems to tackle internal theft issues. Our officers are an integral part of our clients’ stores. In addition to being a visual security presence and an extended customer service representative, our officers provide valuable documentation and reports that can be used for sales associate training, meetings and management tools.

In mall settings, BDS guards maintain calm & peaceful shopping environments. Let BDS ensure your customers enjoy their shopping experiences free from gang activity and parking lot assaults.

Our Full Security Service List Includes:

Uniformed Unarmed and Armed Security Officers
Special Events and Major Entertainment Venues Security Operations and Management
Crowd Management - Stadiums, Arenas & Performing Arts Centers
Customer Service Positions – Ushers, Ticket Takers, and Greeters
Convention Center Personnel
Retail Venues
(Malls & Department Stores)
Educational Campuses
Retail and Commercial Parking Lot Patrol
Marked Patrol Vehicles
Electronic Surveillance
(CCTV, Card Access, Networking)
Executive Protection
Healthcare Facilities
Residential Complexes
Corporate & Multi Tenant
Office Buildings
Walk-Through and Hand Held Magnetometers
Risk & Loss Prevention
VIP Transportation
Corporate Compliance and Governance
Crowd/Parking Control Services
Construction Site Management
VIP Personal Protection
Undercover Operatives
Consulting Services
Crisis Management Preparedness/Response/Remediation
Workplace Violence
Problem Terminations/Corporate Downsizings
Corporate Governance and Compliance Issues
Safety and Security Training
When it comes to protecting students and administrators in the schools, BDS security guards are at the top of their class. A school environment should be a place to promote learning, not fear. Educational buildings and their surroundings should be free from gun violence, drugs, bullying, and gang activity. Allow BDS patrol officers to ensure the safest environments for your community and neighborhood facilities.

BDS Protective Services, LLC is fully insured, bonded, and licensed. Our staff is extensively trained and equipped with the latest security equipment.
All personnel are licensed and bonded and subjected to background clearance and random drug testing. BDS is committed to maintaining guards that exemplify high personal and professional standards, and that have the ability to serve and adapt to the special needs of our clients. BDS is an Equal Employment Opportunity company and complies with all EEO guidelines.

Whether it’s a standard guard arrangement or a custom service, BDS stands ready to help you achieve your security goals.
We are your expert source for quality service, professionalism, integrity, communication, commitment, excellence, and team work.
TRUST BDS to surpass expectations in Securing All Your Security Needs.